Talent Acquisition and Branding Executive (Malaysia)

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia · Recruitment


As a member of an innovative, motivated and talented team, you will be responsible for finding great candidates who bring an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of scrappiness and a diversity of thought to all they do. We need our Talent Acquisition and Branding Executives to be passionate about connecting with people and identifying their strengths in order to find the perfect candidates for StoreHub.

As a Talent Acquisition and Branding Executive, you're responsible for finding the right people who will contribute to a culture and environment that StoreHub greatly values. You will also be involved in the Employer Branding initiatives of the company, in order to attract the talent we are looking for. The work is challenging, fast paced, and always on the bleeding edge. You have strong interpersonal skills, an unwavering commitment to quality, a collaborative work ethic, and an excellent ability to see the potential in people. You don’t need to be an expert or know everything about our industry (even we don’t). What we’re after is someone with a curious mind and a passion for improvement.


What you will do:

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We ask for hard work and dedication from all of our employees. In return we provide them with:

We get lots of work done! We just also believe that as long as our employees are happy (and fed) they will be well equipped to give their best each and everyday.

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